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Lorene M. Burkhart, author & speaker

Author and speaker Lorene McCormick Burkhart is proud to introduce her newest title Bootstraps: How Women Pull Themselves Up Through Tough Times (Amazon). The book is Lorene’s seventh title in six years. Born and raised in Indiana, Lorene is known for her philanthropic efforts statewide. She has designated a portion of proceeds from each book sold is donated to a complimentary community cause.

Lorene’s books capture her memories, passions and interests with a goal to motivate, inspire and educate readers. Her 40 plus year business career includes public relations, broadcasting and publishing. She raised two (now grown) children. And along the way broke the glass ceiling long before the term was ever coined.

Today Lorene lives in Indianapolis, where she actively participates in several community organizations and can often be found writing from her home that overlooks the city’s skyline.

Explore Lorene’s website: read her insights on the blog to the right and give your feedback; see titles for children and books for adults via the links above or provide comments and feedback by sending an email. Read about her style in this Indianapolis Star feature article.

For detailed information about Lorene Burkhart download her bio here.

Lorene’s Book Titles

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  • Bootstraps: How Women Pull Themselves Up Through Tough Times (2012)
  • Sick of Doctors? A Prescription for Patient Empowerment (2010)
  • Animal Tales: It’s All About the Tails (2010)
  • Home on The Farm: If Chickens Could Talk (2007) Available for eReaders ($9)
  • Raccoon Tales-Hip, Flip, Skip, and Boo and Their Friend Stu (2007)
  • Raccoon Tales-Hip Flip Skip and Book Go to the Zoo (2007)
  • An Accidental Pioneer: A Farm Girl’s Drive to the Finish…(2006)
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Lorene’s Life Lessons

Fall into Fashion

August 26th, 2013

As August fades away, we can begin to think about fall. After scanning the fashion magazines, it seems that if you don’t wear skinny jeans, you might as well forget about being fashionable. Hmmm, sounds like a problem!

I was recently interviewed by Leslie Bailey (Indianapolis Star) to talk about style. It was fun to delve into my archives and find my beginning sewing book from 4H. I explained to her that learning to find a pattern appropriate for my body (more)

Summer Time Means Reading Time!

June 11th, 2013

I’m always amused when I see reading lists for the beach. However, without a beach, we can still enjoy reading anytime during the summer!

Being an avid reader, I get my book suggestions from friends, Amazon (this website is very clever about sending book suggestions similar to books recently ordered), and the New York Times Sunday book supplement. It’s really too easy to hit that Amazon site and within minutes order $50 worth of books which are usually delivered within a (more)

Enjoying the Thrill of Graduation

May 16th, 2013

It’s graduation time and parents and grandparents are in the audience for commencement. If you haven’t experienced a commencement lately, it may be a bit lengthy, depending on the size of the graduating class.

Last year I attended my granddaughter’s commencement at Hillsdale. They traditionally hold it outdoors, and fortunately, the weather cooperated. Two years earlier when her brother graduated, it rained, and everything had to be held inside. Either way, grandmother wouldn’t have missed the experience! (Unlike the parents who (more)